Relationship advice for all people


The grace period ends sometime. And this is something that a couple wants almost never admit it.
To see, you like, of the fall, in spits of the drops again, the flipping, do it, do it again, a little spit, insist, likes, the psiloftiachnete, past perfect, you make the normally text the romance back spend even more perfect
, fall in love, have enthusiasm for one another, but sometime this excitement passes.

The circle of relations is almost identical. At least in the beginning and when both they like each other and you do not live another story unfulfilled love. Furthermore we have said before that to love being alone. The continuity of a relationship has several versions which will not look today. Why would see something more universal.

Currently a relationship where the sun is always warm kisses spontaneously rather typically, sex unprecedented rather boring, stress present and emetoulis your friends about your status data.

Why yes, it is the period when earned by the brutal dislike each friend or girlfriend who either has nothing and simply

to mock the chazofatsa you wear evening morning either in money, time has passed before them and now or just jealous the your colleagues, or simply have an appetite for Kazouri. Why know.

For many see is hard to see you in honeys with your girlfriend. And it is hard especially when these honey dripping on the floor with your friends around. Why is mathematically certain that while she looks into the eyes and kissing because you've done something wonderful for her, a friend thinks you "re the asshole spoils the rank" and the chick pulls him sleeve whispering "me why do not you kiss me anymore right? ".

When looking for ways to impress knowing that you will be rewarded. When you take care of the details and not the forest. When every word you hold the back of your brain and you see the relationship grow through words, actions and confirmations.

Many times you can experiencing the most of this period. Leaving the immature emotions causing you. I've seen men be allowed to come out of the established themselves for a girl who just knew, leaving friends and family for the wonderful warmth of a new female cuddling. But there are those who are more tense. More reluctant or simply tend their honeys to daub only in the bedroom and absolutely private moments with their girlfriend.


Take the former from your life

And for..i his former where care appear steadily and agitates your relationship that counts only recently. See below ways that will help the you know.

Never, ever have to do scene for former. From the time when you have made it clear that the issue with her has finally expired you have no reason to doubt or at least the count. You can ask for it (discreetly always) and to the point that will not hurt you and will not spoil between your relationship.

If you believe the saying "keep your friends close and enemies closer" does not apply to the former. If the former being in the company of your friend and happen to see the often dense careful to keep a typical relationship with her but without showing misunderstood by the rest of the gang.

If you talk about that then you will only manage to remind me of the then but to make him forget and do not want it, you catch it? Let who will begin to enter the process of comparison.

Although here you hear the wonderful cue "with my ex be friends" go away. There is case not to see him still love and your only son to stop having feelings about it, just not on!


According to a new study, people who have a healthy and balanced relationship in their lives and have a good physical condition. The scientists have known for decades that social isolation is not good for health to make your body better, but most have come to the conclusion that people who have strong personal relationships eventually live longer.